SafeSex Practice

Come Clean with SafeSex Practice Sensation

A unique sleeve that is designed for penis owners that makes coming clean a breeze.

SafeSex Practice


Totally Mess-proof, Makes Coming Clean a Breeze


Built-in, No Friction


Built-in Bumps

Fluid Collection

No Fuss, No Mess

Clean Up

Built-in Tissue


Easy & Convenient

Clean Hands

Hygienic & Clean


SafeSex Practice Sensation: Ready Anytime, Anywhere

SafeSex Practice

Discreet & Compact

Our convenient black zip bag is non-branded to avoid embarrassing situations. The compact size can fit in your front pocket and is convenient to carry around so you can Come Clean anytime, anyplace. Individually packaged and oh so discreet. Even discreet enough for your nightstand, or anywhere around the house. No-one but you will known what pleasures hide inside.

SafeSex Practice

Built in Wipe & Lube

Our built-in crushable gel capsule is food-grade and contains body-safe silicone lubricant to enhance stimulation for a slick ride with all the feels. Coming clean is a breeze with the handy-dandy built-in wipe at the base. No fuss, no sticky mess, clean hands, and body afterwards, with an extra clean wipe added to the package for any seepage. Quick and easy clean-up after the fact. Freshen up wherever, whenever.

SafeSex Practice

Convenient Disposal

Our resealable zip pouch has zero-leakage, for easy disposal after the fun. Carry in your pocket with no worries about mess or leaks, so you can dispose of later in a suitable trash receptacle, at your convenience. And, no branding on the package makes it ultra-discreet, while the small size (slightly larger than a condom package) is easy to carry and travel-friendly. 

SafeSex Practice

Stimulating Studs

Our dotted sleeve has extra friction and added stimulation. Baggy head with reservoir tip fits larger sizes for increased sensation.

SafeSex Practice

Learning Tool

Putting on a condom in the heat of the moment can cause a lot of stress and performance anxiety.

Since the process and feel of wearing Xelfex Sensation is similar to a condom, it helps to build confidence through practice, so you can become an expert at safer-sex and condom use.

*Xelfex Sensation is NOT a condom, and shouldn’t be used in place of one.