Convenient Masturbation for Penis Owners

The most intimate activity you can do with yourself shouldn’t have an element of concern while you’re at it, and ideally no mess to clean up after, which leaves you with a bad taste.

Xelfex Sensation takes care of every aspect of masturbation for penis owners, from start to finish.

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Use Cases

Discreet enough for shared & remote spaces

Living away from family is tough enough, having some me-time shouldn’t be. Xelfex Sensation is perfect for shared spaces with limited privacy & resources.

Perfect for VR Porn

Searching for lube & tissues while immersed in VR porn ruins the experience. Xelfex Sensation takes care of all the real world problems, so you can fully enjoy the virtual one.

Sleep Better - Do it in bed (no toilet required)

Masturbating releases neurochemicals that can help you sleep better.

Xelfex Sensation is dry (non-lubricated) keeping your hands, body & sheets clean & dry at all times.

Practice Edging / Peaking / Surfing

Practicing edging requires you to take a pause right before the orgasm and resume again repeatedly.

The lube does not get absorbed by the skin or latex, and the tubular napkin can keep the product in place even on a flaccid penis making it possible to take breaks and start over.

Keep your toys safe & clean

Semen residue can lead to fungal formation in your toys overtime. Xelfex Sensation not only prevents that, but also makes it easy to cleanup after each session.

Preparatory tool for condom use

Its common to loose erection while trying to put on a condom for the first few times during partnered sex. Since the process of wearing Xelfex Sensation is similar to a condom, it can help build comfort & confidence when it comes to wearing a condom during partnered sex.


Discreet & Compact

No branding on the zip bag helps in avoiding embarrassing situations. Compact size close to a Condom makes it convenient to carry around.

Built-in lube & wipe

A crush-able lube capsule inside the tip, and a tubular napkin at the base ensures lubrication and cleanup happens without getting your hands & body soiled.

Stimulating studs on the inside

Get that extra Sensation with stimulating studs on the inside.

Convenient disposal

Comes in a resealable zip pouch, so everything can go back in it after use. Carry the zero-leakage pouch until it can be disposed off at your convenience.

An odor-free experience

Although a latex product, it comes with only a slight odor that can be traced only with close contact.

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